what is our mission?

  • Reward and Inspire academic excellence among Dominican Youth​.
  • Recognize the importance of maintaining cultural heritage.
  • Help Dominican families assimilate their lives in the United States.

The Susana de Moya Foundation goal is to merit academic excellence and inspire Dominican youth.

The foundation acknowledges the importance of maintaining cultural heritage and the need to help our families assimilate into life in the United States.  The philosophy of the Susana de Moya Foundation Award was inspired by the exemplary life of Susana de Moya.

The Foundation hopes to support Dominican students in the Maryland/Washington, DC area by providing an award as well as encouragement, mentorships and cultural enrichment activities. The essence of the award is to encourage students to remain in school up to completion of their senior year in high school.  Please refer to the application exclusion criteria in the application packet, where you will find more information about links to other foundations that fund post high school education.

mission statement

Empowering Youths Through Academic Excellence