SDM Re-Homing Computers Event

SDM is going to try something new. Many of our clients do not have computers in their homes. They often have to use their phones or borrow computers for all of their digital needs. We also have clients regularly ask us if we can help them re-home older, but usable, computers. We have not had many suggestions for either of these groups.

We are going to do a one-time event this spring, where we will help to put donated computers into the hands of people who need one.

Event Details


During the months of March and April, we will accept donated computers. For those two months only, we will make appointments for people to come in with computers they want to donate. The computers must fulfill minimum requirements as noted below. The appointment will allow us to make sure each computer is working and that all personal information has been wiped from it.


Also during March and April, we will accept applications from people who want to receive these donated computers. We will ask for information about the kinds of computers they are accustomed to using, and what they will be using the computers for. During the month of May we will match the computers we received, with the people who have requested them. Recipients will be required to come into the SDM shop for an appointment to receive their computer.

Fine print

We cannot guarantee that every potential recipient will receive a computer. SDM does not provide any warranty with the computers. We will try to make sure that all computers are fit for use at the time we accept them, but recipients must acknowledge that the computers are used and will be delivered as-is.

Final details

We will be able to make appointments to help people set up their computers, and to make sure they know how to use them. We suggest that users keep them backed up, and run updates regularly.

Minimum Requirements


Any mice, keyboards etc. with dongles, wired or bluetooth
Printers unopened in box only
Monitors – minimum resolution of 1080p with HDMI port

All Computers

No obvious damage
Starts up
Reset completely (we can show you how)


MacOS Monterey or Ventura


Expiration date 2025 or beyond


Windows OS 10 or 11
Processor i5, or AMD Ryzen 5 series
Internal disk size 256 GB
Must connect to WiFi

Not this time

We are not accepting mobile phones or tablets at this time. We may expand this event in the future.
If you would like to make a monetary donation to support this event, click Donate Now below.

How to Proceed

To donate a computer, click here to complete the donation form.

To request a donated computer, click here to complete the request form.

To make a monetary donation:

Other ways to donate – Venmo to @SDMFoundation or send a check to SDM Foundation 406 Main St Melrose MA 02176

Our thousands of appointments and programs are funded primarily using the bequest of Stuart D. McIntosh in 2015. Your donations help us to continue this mission.

SDM is a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation. Donations to SDM are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. The tax ID for SDM Foundation is 81-3817783.

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