406 Main Street Melrose MA

Phone: 781.606.2621
Email: info@sdmfoundation.org
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Drop ins welcome 9 – 11 and 1 – 3 based on staff availability

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We offer FREE small group lessons and one on one appointments. 

We focus on teaching people how to use technology, such as computers and the Internet, to enrich their lives. We also help small businesses and nonprofits develop and maintain websites, social media, and other technology.

Meet the SDM Trainers

Our staff is highly trained, extremely patient, and they work at your pace. Any topic, any time: appointments in person or remotely.


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For appointment requests please list day/time and what we can help you with.

SDM Foundation
406 Main Street
Melrose, MA 02176

To save time, fill out our Acceptable Use Policy before your first appointment.

SDM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.


You made my life easier in a half hour!
Your staff have been an invaluable support to me and I am so happy to have found this service. They have been very kind, patient and accommodating.
I would be totally lost without you!
Thank you for all your help and being so patient with me trying to learn different things on my computer. I am forever grateful to all.
You are too overwhelmingly good!
Every time I come here I learn something new!
YES! You guys are brilliant! Thanks so much!
Your services are such a gift to the community!
Thank you for your help. You rock!
She made me so relaxed. I was really anxious!
If anyone asks I would say you are GREAT!!
Finding you gives me hope!
Your staff and resources are excellent!
Thanks so much for all you do.
Finding SDM was an incredible help. Especially being able to leave feeling a little less computer stupid.
SDM is a fantastic resource- thank you!!
Love your services. Thank you for all you do!
I feel much smarter!
Grateful you were available via phone during shutdown. My thanks to the entire team!
Thanks for being there during the shutdown!
Your services and information has always been excellent in our experience
I just want to thank you again for all of your hard work on our behalf. You and the staff are always kind, knowledgeable, and patient.
Your organization is very helpful!
You do a great job!
The best way I can say it is that every time I have a problem and my sister and I can’t solve it….we stop by and without any doubt, I know the problem will be solved.
Thank heavens you exist…please keep on doing what you’re doing ’cause you do a fantastic job.
You are the Florence Nightingale of computers!!
Thank you for solving my label problem!
We are so lucky!!
SDM is a gift to the community!
You came highly recommended by many!
I wouldn’t be able to use a phone without you!
Every time I leave here I feel so good, and it is because of you!
I can’t imagine life without you!
You really released my anxiety!
Thank you! I hope not to see you again soon!
good lesson – will be back!
I’m fixed!!
You are miracle workers!
You have answered so much more than I ever expected!
This is just a wonderful place. Thank you so much!
You are changing people’s lives… thanks!
You are amazing, both patient and knowledgeable!
I’m very impressed with all of the effort!
Everyone was very helpful
This is a wonderful service. Thanks a million!
I’m thankful for you guys!
Thank you so much for your help!
Melrose is really fortunate to have you here!
This was great, as always!
You guys ROCK!
You are so patient!
I had a problem which you were able to solve for me.
Your staff was awesome!
I know you must have heard this before but you and your group are fantastic.
I appreciate your organization being willing to help me. I’m 77 and find computers challenging. Thank you!
Thank you so much, you are such a lifesaver!
You guys are amazing!
Thank you, Stuart!!
You are all lifesavers!
Problem solved!!
Very helpful!
You have made my day, Sir!
You are a fabulous resource!
When I heard about you, I thought you were a myth!
I feel so much smarter!
You people have been very helpful to me!
You are so patient!!
You guys are the best, really the best!
Excellent setup and employees (especially patient!)
Very welcoming and willing to help in any way.
When I tell people about you, their mouths fall open!
This has been so helpful!
Thanks so much for spending so much time and frustration with me!
TY TY Thank you!!
What would I do without you!
Thank God for this place!
5 star – worth their weight in GOLD!!
I love your website, the blog posts are so easy to understand
I have to get down here more often, because every time I learn so much!
This is so easy, to just come in for help!
It is so wonderful!
An awesome gift to the community!
I feel better already!
This is one of the greatest gifts to humanity!
This has been so good!
I’m learning a ton, a ton, a ton!
This is fantastic!
You guys are great! Way better than the Apple store.
I’ll be back for other topics.
Associates were very patient and helpful!
SDM is a wonderful asset for the community.
I hope you stay here forever!
2 trips, both very successful!
You are the best!
You guys are the best!
Thank you, you guys are great!
This is a great service you provide! Thank you!
I am eternally grateful!
I love what you do!
I can’t tell you how much the kids enjoyed their lessons today. And they have been playing the game that she “invented.” Thank everyone there. It was great and they will be back!
Thank you! Appreciate it!
I’ll be back for more. Thank you!
Extremely helpful!
This is a great service.
We are so lucky you are here!
This is amazing!
You are all such dears!
Lucky to have you in Melrose!
I can’t say enough for your staff member; very professional and knowledgable.
I thought it was great!
This is a great service you provide. Thank you!
I’m smiling – do you see that?
Where else would I go?
We are so lucky to have you in Melrose!
The classes are so uplifting!
Great person, great teacher!
Thank you so much!
A wonderful resource for my computer loving children!
Thank you for having such great employees!
Thank you for being here!
Wonderful! Thank you!
Thanks for all your help.
My mom and my kids regularly come here for lessons.
You guys are absolutely fantastic!
I am so proud of myself! Thank you for teaching me!
Thank you so much for helping me!
Very successful!! More than I anticipated!
Amazing!! This is so exciting!!
Thank you so much for being here!
I just want to learn everything!
I feel so much better now. I got help, finally!
You do amazing work!
You guys are so smart!
Thank you for the help!
Always helpful, always comprehensive. Always friendly and polite.
You are fabulous!
A wonderful resource for the community! Thank you!
I got more than I bargained for!
This is the first time I’m just using it for ME!
So Awesome!!!
A family member told me how well they were treated
You people are so helpful!
I learned soooo much from your associate. Thank you!!
This is wonderful! I’ll be back!!
This is Wonderful!!
I plan to come back!
I appreciate the help.
I got all the help I needed today.
Thank you once again for saving my life!
It is so wonderful to be able to come here. Thank you!
I didn’t panic, I trusted you could do it.
I’d come every day to learn from you. I love computer literacy skills!!!
You are so kind to keep my lesson going after hours!!
Thank you for all that you do – you’ve helped me to realize how many truly wonderful people there are out in the world.
What a terrific instructor. He wrote out each step for me to follow and is exact!!
I wanted you to know, once again, how much I appreciate all of you wonderful people at SDM.
I’m so grateful (to God) that this place is here!
You did it! Thank you so, so much!
Your service is awesome!
Very helpful!
You people are total angels!
This place is a lifeline!
I am so glad you help the poor people.
You are ALWAYS helpful!
You are wonderful!
I am so grateful for the great help you provide to the community and to me!
I’m speechless!
Very helpful.
Best thing that’s happened to me in a long time!
This is like an oasis in the desert!
(He) took such good care of me!
You are our lifesavers!
We love you people!
You guys are a lifesaver, I’ll tell you that much!
I feel like I won the lottery!
They say nothing is free, but that isn’t true here!
Shout out to SDM Foundation! My parents have spent a good part of each day with the very patient and fabulous folks at SDM Foundation.
Your work not only supports my parents with their technology questions and challenges but keeps me from having to attempt it myself. Cheers!
The lessons and support have been extremely well received. Plus, the warm welcome and friendly conversation has been a huge hit with my mom. Thank you SDM!
What a wonderful resource!
Wonderful staff!
A warm welcoming environment. I’ll definitely be back!
She made me feel that no question was too basic.
A “user-friendly” business that is free to the public – couldn’t be better!
Enjoyed the relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.
I like the opportunity to have ongoing questions that arise as my knowledge base increases!
Such a welcoming, relaxed pace. Thank you for everything!
I live in Senior Citizen housing and I’m spreading the news of how great you are!
This is a great resource!!
I am so happy you are here!
Great service for people who need advice and to learn their way around the systems.
I am very thankful that you are so handy in downtown Melrose. I’ve been looking for such a place forever so I don’t have to be bothering family and friends.
Thank you for what you do. You make computer life much easier.
I rate my service there a 10!
Came in to fix an email problem. They were able to correct the problem. I have had others try, including the Geek Squad, and each thought they made the correction. They had not.
Your employee is a genius, efficient, patient and knowledgeable.
I feel much more confident.
Great experience!
Your employee was terrific! Clear, concise and well-informed!
Great service!
You seem to be doing everything right.
I’m very excited that SDM is in town.
I think your service is needed and great for the community.
You have all the knowledge I would need.
You’re all A+.
That was a great program! Thanks. My daughter was even showing her younger brother what they did.
Thanks for all that you do!
I couldn’t have done it without you!
I wish you were in my city. I would love to come.
That was fantastic!
This is great!
Great, as always!
Meeting you made my day. I was thrilled to be here. Thank you for this incredible service. I am truly grateful.
I love to come here! It’s such a happy place!
I couldn’t have done it without you!
You saved the day!
Prompt, pleasant, helpful.
My associate is a superb teacher with much patience and thoughtfulness of my many disabilities.
My sister raved about the help she received.
SDM is very helpful and I am so appreciative of the work you do with our community!
Thank you so much for your wisdom, patience and guidance.
Your organization is truly making a huge and positive impact on people’s lives.
You should be proud.
Wonderful, extremely helpful.
You’re so patient and kind. I thank you so much. I think this is a wonderful thing you’re doing.
Looking forward to coming in for another lesson.
SDM reduces anxiety!
You are amazing! You are wonderful! You perform an invaluable service. Thank you
Your staff is wonderful!
Great service. Thank you so much!
Your associates are so great and informed!
You guys are wonderful!
I’m so glad to know this exists!
You solved my problem! It would’ve taken me hours on my own.
Thank you for being here!
Just beyond amazing. Above my expectations!
You took the time to make my website work correctly.
You are the answer to my prayers!
Really empowering!
I left singing your praises at SDM!
Melrose is so lucky to have you!
This is wonderful – I had no idea!
We love this place!
I found friends in your warm home!
You have been wonderful help. Thank you so much.
This is the best thing that happened to me today!
You people are truly angels!
This is amazing- totally amazing!
It’s like going to school again.
I know if I come in here you guys will always help me out.
I remembered SDM and all of a sudden I’m saved!
You just made my day, my week, my year!
You are very good – don’t know what I’d do without you!
In my experience, you’re doing it all right!
You’re fantastic!
Oh, you’re wonderful!
You guys are so smart!
Who says you’re too old to learn new tricks?
You guys are great!
You are lifesavers!
This is a new beginning!
Your employee got us up and running!
I’m so glad this organization exists, otherwise I would owe somebody thousands of dollars!
I won’t be shy about coming back because you’ve been very helpful!
Have referred several friends – who report successful results.
I think your store is awesome! Thanks to the guy who set it up.
I love to come here – such a great, cooperative atmosphere.
You saved our lives!
You are such an asset to our town.
Angels of Mercy
You are such a great resource for the community!
As usual, you’re doing what you do well.
You guys are better HERE than Apple is!
You are so awesome!
You are the best!
I’d be lost without you!
It is amazing to have you here.
Your employee covered all the topics I was concerned with.
Thank you for taking the time and explaining in understandable words!
I love you guys!
I am grateful for your expertise!
It feels so calm here, I don’t want to leave.
Your employee was EXTRAORDINARY!
I think this SDM thing is really genius.
You deserve a medal. Very few people can deal with me.
I think you are all awesome. Thank you for being so patient and kind.
I’m learning so much!
You’ve done a terrific job and I really appreciate it.
I don’t know how we lived without you people!
It’s a very welcoming place.
I’m so glad you guys are here!
Everybody will think I’m so smart!
You guys are wonderful!
Thank god you’re down the street!
Sometimes you’re just so brilliant
It’s so nice in here. I’m really impressed!
This is great – thank you!
I’m so happy I’m going to tell everyone about you!
Congrats. to all at SDM. We are so fortunate to have you here in Melrose. I have been able to get such good instruction from the patient and knowledgeable employees.I hope that you will keep on going for many more Birthdays
thank you for all the help you have provided me
All of this with cheerfulness & good humor. No shaming of the ignorant.
SDM is a village, & on Wednesday many villagers helped me.
Where would I be without you? Carving stone with an animal tusk in a cave!
You are great – thank you very much!
Your associates are very patient!
Your associate was a huge help for a small project I was working on.
A light just went on!!
You are a fantastic person!
This is an amazing place!
My computer is 10 times faster!
I’m amazed by what you people have accomplished here.
Well-informed tutor who solved all my problems and answered all my questions.
You guys are the best – I love you.
You have a great system here.
I love the way my instructor teaches me – he makes me feel so good!
This has been tremendously helpful!
Good people here!
This has been informative and enjoyable!
I’ve been here many times and I just love it.
Congrats and a sincere thank you for all the things/places/info etc that you have enabled me to experience.
You have given so much to our community and everyone I tell about you is so jealous they don’t have an SDM! Thank you for your professionalism, wisdom, and kindness. Every single one of you is so amazing!
Glad you are always there for me!
Congratulations on the great service which you continue to provide for many people in Melrose and surrounding towns!
Thank you so much, you people are angels.
You have opened a new world to me
Thank you, thank you for your time and kindness and patience. And oh yes, your sense of humor helped, too! I very much appreciate it all!
It’s a joy to be in here!
Once again, SDM saves the day!
Another very happy customer – delighted with SDM
Thanks again, everyone!
So glad you exist!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so happy!
I truly appreciate this! I’m bringing my mother in.
You just made my day!
Fifteen minutes and you changed my life!
That was super helpful!
This place is awesome!
You guys step up to the challenge really nicely.
You will see me here again – you can count on that!
I am very very grateful.
You saved my life today!
My children thank you!
This service is great. Can’t wait to share with multiple family and friends.
Thank you for all your help. It was wonderful!
You people are always so helpful to me.
Fabulous. Thank you for this service. Learned so much in this one hour!
I am eternally grateful!
Both of you are wonderful!
She’s a lifesaver!!
Thank God for this place!
XFinity should pay you people.
Do you KNOW how many people you have helped?
Thank you so much. This was fantastic!
This is the best resource! Will tell all my friends!
This was great and very instructive.
I think you’re a genius!
I should’ve done this ages ago! This is fabulous!
This was enormously helpful!
I’m in HEAVEN!
My family will be happy I asked someone else for help
You people are always so helpful
I love you guys so much!
I’m glad you’re here – you can’t imagine!
Welcoming, Outstanding!
All’s right with the world!
You’re saving my marriage.
Everyone here is lovely!
Thanks for bringing us all together!
Thank you for having a lot of patience with me.

I hope Stuart knows how many grateful illiterates you are helping.
You are spectacular.
You are a blessing for all of us who are still trying to learn
Thanks for all that you do for us.
You people are all saints.
You guys are so fabulous!
Thank you. We figured it out!
I love you guys!
I would wait an HOUR for him!
Your information is superb!
You guys are just perfect.
I think what you guys do is great!
I’m very grateful to you!
It’s so nice to have you here.
If I didn’t have you, where would I go?
I think what you guys do is great.
You answered all my prayers!
Great service!
You people rock!
This was immensely helpful for me!
Thanks so much! It was a very valuable experience for our students!
Is there anything that SDM associates can not do?
Thank you ALL so much for everything!
I always feel so good when I leave here!
We’re so happy we’ve found you!
You taught me something – and I learned it!
This is wonderful! 🙂 Thank you!
This was extremely helpful!
You saved me!
Aaron was extremely pleasant and helpful!
I’m excited to meet willing helpers!
Bless you child!
I’m so happy to be working with you!
You’re really helping me well!
Great help!
I am so impressed and amazed!
This is the best!
My partner and my sister-in-law both praised your ability to help folks who want to use their computers more effectively.
I’ve been referred to you by very happy customers!
Wonderful lesson today!
Great help! Thanks!
Your help is overwhelming!
Couldn’t quite believe how much we could get done!
You’re my godsend!
Your associate is so patient. Even with a challenged learner.
Love your office design!
OMG you guys are amazing!
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