Whether you landed here after making a donation, or because you are thinking of making one, we thank you for showing your support for the SDM mission of making technology easy. Your confidence in our work is greatly appreciated!

We are forever balancing responsible use of our funds with a growing and evolving need and desire for our services. Your donation allows us to keep moving forward, for which we are very grateful.

Our thousands of appointments and programs are funded almost entirely by our founding endowment from Stuart McIntosh in 2015. We have continued to keep our services free for our clients for over seven years. In order to continue this well into the future, we will need to rely more on your generous donations.

Here are some ideas of what your donation might provide


$20 buys a mouse or an adapter that we use daily in the shop while teaching.
$25 supplies material for 3D printing.
$50 purchases additional Legos.


$65 covers the cost of one individual appointment – we average 12 – 15 appointments per day.
allows us to provide outreach throughout the community.


$150 is the cost of an annual license for remote Zoom lessons or other software
$300 would allow the purchase of a replacement chair or table.
$500 will buy one full Lego robotics kit.


$800 purchases an iPad for digital art lessons.
$1,000 is the minimum cost of an updated computer for teaching and our own work and will be used every day.


$10,000 would allow us to increase staff hours next year, allowing us to offer our services to more people by expanding our availability!

Recurring Donation

Scheduling a monthly or yearly recurring donation helps with our planning and allows us to make the greatest use of your gift.

Other ways to donate – send a check to SDM Foundation 406 Main St Melrose MA 02176 or Venmo to @SDMFoundation (listed under Charities).

Please keep in mind that SDM accepts gifts from donor-advised funds (DAFs). If you have a DAF, please consider recommending to your financial advisor that they support SDM.

SDM is a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation. Donations to SDM are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. The tax ID for SDM Foundation is 81-3817783.

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