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SDM Self-Study Resources

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci

Here at SDM we focus on teaching people how to use technology, such as computers and the Internet, to enrich their lives. We also help small businesses and nonprofits learn to develop and maintain websites, social media, and other technology.

Most of this teaching happens in individual appointments, either in person or remote. However, each week we publish blog posts and training materials that you can use to continue (or start!) learning at home. Our approach is unique, and we never presume knowledge. So, whether you’re starting right from the beginning, or already have some experience in a topic, we have something for you!

The following self-study pages bring together our, ever growing, collection of materials designed to help you learn how to use the technology around you.

But remember, you can always make an appointment with us! Whether you’re local and can visit us in our shop, or are further away and need remote learning, we are always happy to discuss your needs and work out the best option for you! Give us a call or email us!

Small Business Resources

Click here to access resources specifically created to help small businesses and non-profits.

Individual Study Resources

Click here to access topic specific blog posts, videos and curated content from around the web.

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