Popular Types of Keyboards Explained

There are many types of keyboards. Here are the highlights of some of the more popular types and an explanation of the function and differences.

What is the difference: Streaming vs Downloading

SClients often ask us what the difference is between streaming and downloading, and it is worth understanding, as this difference can be important when it comes to managing data usage and device storage. Read on to learn more about streaming vs downloading.

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Windows

Learning ways to cut, copy, and paste on Windows devices can make your work faster and easier. Read on to learn about three ways to do this.

Online Shopping Tips

Online Shopping can be overwhelming, but is very convenient and useful when done correctly.

Which websites to use, how to be safe, how to navigate and understand the listings, and payment methods are all important aspects of online shopping.

What is Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is short term memory that a computer uses to store data needed for processing. Read on to learn the difference between RAM and internal storage, as well as more technical aspects of installing and upgrading RAM.

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