How to read Google search results

How to Read Google Search Results

Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet. Billions of searches are done every day. To make the best use of this tool, it is important to be able to read Google search results.

A search

This picture shows the result of searching using the word “Bag”.

  1. The search term is Bag
  2. The results below encompass All types of matches. (All is blue) To see only results related to shopping for example, click on the word shopping. Clicking on the word More will display additional search result categories.
  3. Almost 2 billion web pages match this search for the word Bag. It took 2/3 of a second to accomplish the search.
  4. These are shopping matches. For other search terms, there may be no shopping section.
  5. On the right is a separate section. This shows the meaning of the word. There are some images related to the word and also some related search terms.
  6. These are links to web pages.

This view shows the additional categories listed under the More button.

Another Example

The first three search results are noted as being Ads (green box with the word Ad). These companies pay to be shown at the top of the list for this search term. These search results are not better or worse than other results. The fact that it is on the top of the list because it has been paid for, is important to know.

In future blog posts we will explore how to read Google search results more closely. We will also examine how to evaluate each match further. We will also get into more detail about some of the more useful search result categories, such as Images.

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