Stop Websites from Asking to Send Notifications

When you are browsing the web, many web sites create a pop up box that asks for permission to show notifications. You might want to stop websites from asking to send notifications.

If you routinely deny permission, you may want to turn off the question entirely.  How to stop this will depend on which browser you use.


Click on the Chrome menu

Select Preferences

Scroll to the bottom and click on Advanced

Click on Content Settings

Click on Notifications

Slide the toggle next to Ask before sending, so that it is grey.

That’s it! Surf away without being asked to provide permission for notifications.


Click on the Safari menu and choose Preferences.

When the Preferences window opens click on Websites.

The blue check next to “Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications” allows the pop ups.

Click on the blue check to turn this off.

Instructions to stop websites from asking to send notifications for other browsers can be found by clicking here.

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