How to organize iPhone and iPad apps

If you have lots of apps on your iPhone or iPad, you can organize them into folders. Read on for instructions on how to organize iPhone and iPad apps.

For our example we’re going to create a games folder to tidy up this iPhone screen. This is what the screen looked like to begin with:

To create a folder to put all the games apps in, lightly hold your finger on one of the games until they wiggle and ‘x’s appear in the corner, as shown below:

Then drag one game over another game and a folder will automatically be created. Notice on the 5th row down there is now a folder that is automatically entitled ‘Games’ and contains Crossword and FloodGame. (The title can be customized):

Now the game folder is established and you can drag the other games into the folder with your finger. Below, in the 4th row, you will see that there are now multiple games in my Games folder.

And there you have it, a quick and easy way to organize apps! For more information, see this Apple article.

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