Scan Documents With Your Phone – Genius Scan

There are many apps for smart phones that allow the camera to act as a scanner for your documents, but one of the easiest is Genius Scan. This post explains how to use Genius Scan to easily scan documents with your phone to create a PDF. It can be either single page or multi page, and can then be saved or sent via email or text.

More information about Genius Scan can be found at The Grizzly Apps.

First, open the AppStore on an iPhone or Google Store on an Android phone. (AppStore shown here)

Click in the search box and type Scan

Click on Get, or in this case the cloud icon, to download the app to your phone. This app is free.

Then find the icon for the app on your phone and tap on the icon to open the app.

The first screen will show any saved scanned documents you have, so the first time you open it will look like this.

To scan documents to your phone, click on the orange + to begin scanning. The first time you scan, Genius Scan will request permission to use your camera. This is required. Click on OK.

As the camera detects the outline of the document, an orange box will appear around the edges of the page. When this box matches the page edges, click on the white circle in the middle.

The camera will be ready to scan another page. To add another page, click on the + in the lower left corner.

To send this document click on the box with the arrow pointing up in the lower right corner.

To stop scanning, and return to a list of your scanned documents, click on the < back arrow.

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