Tips for Working from Home

At SDM, like so many other places, we have not been in our shop for the past two months, and over this time we have developed some tips for working from home. Since our business is to help people learn to use their technology better, we have applied that to ourselves and now want to pass what we have learned on to you.

In our May 11, 2020 Newsletter, we shared some of our ideas, as well as pictures of our work spaces.

Thatcher went one step beyond, and made a video of his experience.

Here are some of our tips for working from home:

  • A good Internet connect is very helpful
  • A dedicated space helps
  • A team has to choose their communication tools so that everyone can participate. At SDM we are using Zoom for inter-office chats
  • We needed a virtual in/out board so that we could know who was working at any given time, as people’s schedules vary
  • Figuring out the right equipment took some trial and error. Because we work close to our shop, we were able to stop in and gather additional supplies in the initial stages of moving home
  • Be understanding and flexible about each other’s limitations
  • Have reasonable expectations for what you and your team can accomplish given the many distractions competing for attention
  • Move around during the day, and walk away from your work at night

We hope you are all well. Please give us a call if we can help you figure out how to do something, use something, or fix something. There are many things that can be done via email, phone or video chat.

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