Advanced Gmail Functions

What does Gmail offer beyond forwarding, signatures and vacations replies? There are some advanced functions in Gmail that you may find very useful. What about using multiple email accounts in a single login, or managing the sending of your emails more like you manage your calendar?

Here are a few of our favorite advanced functions in Gmail.

Working with Multiple Gmail Accounts

Multiple Gmail accounts can be managed in a single place. Many people have more than one Gmail account. One account might be a personal account, and another a work account. To manage all accounts with a single Gmail login, go to Gmail Settings, Account and Import.

Send Email from Other Accounts

While logged into a single Gmail account, an outgoing email can be sent from a different account the sender owns. If you are logged into a Gmail account, write an email and designate that it be sent from a Comcast account.

To set up this function, go to Gmail Settings under Accounts and Import.

Email Templates

An email template is a whole or partial email that can be reused multiple times. A template may be sent in whole, or it may be edited each time it is sent.

Gmail signatures add standard text to emails. Unfortunately, they have limitations including their placement at the end of the text. Do you have some standard responses that you send in emails often? Perhaps you repeatedly describe your work, products, or updates. This work is easier with the use of email templates.

To create an email template, go to Gmail Settings, Advanced. First, you must enable templates. Scroll down to save the change.

Once enabled, you can designate any newly created email as a template by clicking on the three dots and choosing Template.

Click on these same three dots. Choose Template, and you will see a list of your email templates. Practice Template is our template.

The complete directions for using templates are here.

Scheduling Emails

Emails do not need to be sent the moment you write them. Write a week’s worth of emails and then send one per day. Alternately, write emails during the afternoon and then send them early in the morning.

To schedule the sending time for an email, click on the small arrow next to the word send, and follow the schedule send prompts.

Find the detailed instructions for scheduling Gmail here.


The unsend feature in Gmail is useful if you have accidentally sent an email before you were finished writing. Note that Unsend is only allowed for a few seconds after you hit the send button.

To set the time allowed for unsending, go to Gmail Settings, General and choose between 5 and 30 seconds.

Detailed un-sending instructions for Gmail are here.

Confidential Mode

Setting an expiration date and time for an email allows the reader access for only a limited time. This might be useful for an offer that has an expiration, or for private information that you would like to keep as limited as possible. This advanced Gmail function is Confidential Mode.

To set confidential mode for an email, click on the lock icon in the lower edge of the Compose Email window. This opens the Confidential dialog box where you can choose your desired settings.

Here is the detailed information about Confidential Mode.

Future Developments

Advanced Gmail functions will always change over time. Make sure to check out what’s available now and again. One good place to look is the Google Gmail Help Center Popular Articles.

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