Fun Features of iOS 14

Have you wondered what the new fun features of iOS 14 are and whether you should upgrade? Here are some of our favorites.

App Library

The new last page on an iPhone is the App Library. This is a list of every app on the phone. Apple groups the apps into categories, and there is a search bar at the top of the screen.

Apps can also be on other pages that you design, but now you don’t need to have them on individual pages or in groups, as you can access them here in the App Library.

You cannot rearrange the groupings at this time.

Call Notification

The notification of an incoming call or FaceTime is much smaller now and doesn’t take up the whole screen. Siri uses this technique now as well.

Reply to Specific Texts

You are now able to reply to a specific text in a thread even if it goes back a ways. These are called in line replies.

iPad with Pencil

If you are using one of these iPads with a synched pencil, you can now write in almost any area that allows text input and the text will be translated to typing. This is called Scribble and it works really well!

Privacy and Security

If any app is currently using the camera or the microphone you will see an indication, whether the app is in the foreground or the background.

An orange dot indicates that an app is using the microphone.

There is a little green dot whenever an app is using the camera.

And so much more

This is just our favorite list of fun features of iOS 14. Here is Apple’s list of all of the new features. There are new apps like Translate, better camera and AirPod control, and you can choose your default mail app and browser. There is certainly something for everyone!

If you want some help updating, or to learn to use the new features, please give us a call.

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