How to open a .pages document in Windows

Apple’s Pages is a word processing program that is available on Macintosh computers, as well as on iPhones and iPads. Pages documents have the file extension (the part after the period . in the file name) of .pages. The easiest way to share a Pages document with a Windows user is to transform the document into another file type from the Pages application. This way you can create many different file types, which will cover most needs.

But what if someone shares a Pages document with you and you only have your Windows computer. Can you open a .pages document in Windows? The answer is Yes, you probably can!

Try these quick tips to learn how to open a .pages document in Windows.

  1. Change the file type extension from .pages to .zip and try opening it with Microsoft Word or a PDF or JPEG viewer. This works especially well for older versions of .pages, not so well for newer versions. You will do this on your Windows computer in the File Explorer. Find the .pages document, remove the 5 characters pages and type in zip instead. Keep the period (.).
  2. Visit the website and upload the pages document and convert it to Word inside iCloud
  3. Use free online converter websites like CloudConvert or Zamzar to process your .pages into Word, PDF, and other formats.

Interoperating in today’s Internet connected world is pretty easy. Each person can use the software and hardware that they prefer, and can still work with other people using other combinations. Sometimes it just takes an extra step or two.

Here is a useful article from Apple Toolbox if you want to know more.

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