How to Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is a personal bulletin board for pinning pictures or articles found on the web. But first you have to know how to pin in Pinterest.

What is a Pin?

Using the bulletin board analogy, Pinterest allows users to create different boards around topics they are interested in. There might be a travel board and a cooking board, or a Hawaii board and a Cakes board. The topics are completely up to the user.

Once you have a board, you can save items that you find in your searches through Pinterest or anywhere on the web. These items could be pictures, or articles, or webpages with prices and relevant information. The idea being that you can save these locations onto your boards for future reference.

And because Pinterest is also a network for sharing ideas with other people, you can find content on other people’s boards, and pin that to your boards too. This really makes the Pinterest community like a curated search engine. The only things you see on Pinterest are items that someone has already deemed worthy of saving. This can save you quite a bit of time!

How to Pin?

So now you have found some content and you want to save it to one of your boards. You can pin in a variety of ways: from Pinterest itself, from the web, and by uploading your own images/links (we cover this in our blog post How to Use Pinterest for Your Business). 

Pin from Pinterest Feeds

You can pin from your home feed, today’s recommendations from Pinterest editors, or from people that you follow.

 Or, you can search a topic and pin from the search results feed. 

To save the pin to one of your boards, hover over the pin image and the save option will appear. Select the board to pin to using the drop-down menu, and click save. If you want to see more details about the pin, click on the image and a larger more detailed version will appear. You can also save it from there.

Pin from the Web

If you’d like to pin ideas directly from the web, there are a couple of options.

Many websites will have enabled direct sharing to Pinterest. Simply hover over any image and you will see a Pinterest icon which you can click on to save the post. Or, use the sharing buttons on the post/page, often located at the bottom of the content, but may appear in other locations too!

Alternatively, you can add a Pinterest extension to your browser (like the Chrome extension) to pin any content that you’d like to save. However, please bear in mind copyright when you Pin in this way, not all content creators want their content on Pinterest and they may ask for it to be removed. 

If you’d like help pinning for the first time, please give us a call and we will be happy to teach you how to set up an account and get started!

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