How to Set Default Apps on Mac and Windows

When your computer needs to open a file it has to choose the right application to use. Read on to find out how to set default apps on Mac and Windows.

On Windows

In order to set the default applications on Windows, begin by clicking on the windows button in the bottom left corner, then click on the gear above it to open settings.

From here, navigate to Apps on the left side of the window, then Default apps, again on the left.

From here you will be presented with a list of the apps currently set as default. To change any one, simply click on its name, and then click on the app you would like to set as default. Now, any time that a related file or website is opened, your desired app will be used.

On Mac

Setting default programs on a Mac requires a slightly different process than on Windows. To begin, find a file whose default program you would like to change. For example, if you want to change the program used to open videos, find a video file. Then, hold down the control key located to the left of the spacebar, click on the file, and hover over “Open With”

From here you will be greeted with a variety of choices for what program you would like to use to open the file. These choices are only temporary, however, so if you would like to permanently change the program used, click on “Other…”.

Make sure to check the “Always Open With” box before selecting your desired program from the list on the left. Once ready, click “Open” in the bottom right. Now, whenever you open that type of file, it will be opened with your chosen program.

If you want to set the default browser used to open links, the process is different but just as simple. To start, open up System Preferences and go to General, located in the top left.

Then, find the field labeled “Default web browser,” click on the dropdown menu, and choose the browser you would like to use by default. Now, any time you open a link to a website, it will open in that browser.

Any Questions?

If you have more questions about how to set default apps on Mac and Windows or on any other topics, give us a call or email and we can answer your questions or schedule an appointment.

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