How to Create A Shortcut in Google Chrome

Are there web pages that you visit often? Did you know you can create a shortcut to it in Google Chrome and keep it on your desktop or the dock?

Why would I want to create a shortcut?

There are web pages that we visit often. One way that we make this easier, is to bookmark the page. Then when we open our browser, we can click on the bookmark to the particular web page.

Shortcuts are icons that you can keep on your desktop (or any other location). When you click on the shortcut, it will open the web page in the browser, saving a step in the process.

This image shows 8 shortcuts. Each shortcut brings you to a particular web page. The web pages represented here range from to some Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Calendar pages, a QuickBooks online account, and a Google Analytics page. Any web page can have a shortcut created for it.

How to create a shortcut in Google Chrome?

Once you decide you want the shortcut functionality, it is easy to create one.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the web page you want to have a shortcut to
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the web page
  • Then click on More Tools
  • Finally, click on Create a Shortcut…

Chrome will open a window showing the name that will be used for this shortcut.

There is also a checkbox for “Open as window”. If this is checked, then when the shortcut is clicked to open the page, it will open in its own window as though it is an app separate from Google Chrome. If this is not checked, the page will open in a Google Chrome window.

Chrome will create and open the shortcut, and will also open a finder window showing the location of the shortcut itself. You can move this shortcut from this location to another, such as to the desktop.

How to use a shortcut

To use this shortcut, you simply need to double click on it. You can also add it to your dock or task bar.

If you have trouble with this, or additional questions, please let us know. You can make an appointment in our shop or remotely to practice creating shortcuts in Google Chrome. Here are Google’s instructions to create a shortcut in Google Chrome.

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