How to Attend an SDM Lesson using GoTo (2023)

SDM will be using GoTo for our video lessons in early 2023. We would like to show you how to attend an SDM Lesson using GoTo (2023). We also have a YouTube video of the steps.

GoTo lessons can be viewed in either the GoTo App or in a browser. You can get to a lesson you are registered for by either clicking on a link or entering the meeting id and password. Let’s get going.

If you know Zoom, you will see that GoTo is not very different.

Being Invited to an SDM Lesson using GoTo

If you are registered to attend an SDM Lesson using GoTo, you will receive an email that will look like this.

By clicking on the blue link, you will enter the meeting site. If you have installed the GoTo app, the meeting will open in the app. If you do not have the GoTo app, you will have the opportunity to either get it, or use the Chrome browser.

The invitation also includes a phone number in case you want to participate with audio only.

If you anticipate attending GoTo meetings in the future, it might be useful to download the app. The app gives more functionality than attending meetings in the browser. To get the app ahead of the meeting, click on the bottom link in the email.

There is no need to create a GoTo account to attend meetings.

To download the GoTo app, click here.

Click Download The App.

The website will recognize your operating system and download the correct version of the app.

The steps to install are simple to follow, but call us if you have trouble.

Why the Chrome Browser

GoTo only works in the Chrome browser. If you are Macintosh user, and Safari is your default browser, then you can copy the link in the email and paste it into the address bar in the Chrome browser.

To Join the Lesson

The opening window for the lesson in the Chrome browser looks like this. Choose your settings before entering the meeting.

On the left, you can type in the name you want other attendees to see. Click on the pencil next to your Name to type in the name you want to display in the meeting.

Around your camera preview, you see the current settings for the camera, microphone and speaker. If you have more than one option for any of these, you should choose the correct one here.

Click “Join when session starts” to go to the waiting room for the meeting. The teacher will let you in to the meeting when they start it.

In this meeting there are two attendees and a teacher (video blocked). The teacher is sharing their screen.

To mute your microphone or turn off video, click on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the window.

For additional settings click on gear or three dots in upper right corner.

Screen Sharing

When another attendee shares their screen with you, it will display on your screen and attendee’s images display above.

To share your screen with the other attendees, click on the icon at the bottom of the window of a monitor with a slash through it.

In a lesson, this is often disabled. When appropriately enabled, this will give you multiple sharing options:

  • Whole desktop allows you to switch between windows and apps to show various activities
  • Application window will allow you to switch between tabs in the browser, or between text documents, while keeping the rest of your desktop hidden
  • A single Chrome tab keeps the rest of your desktop hidden, and can be used when you only want to show what is in one tab in the browser

Click on the appropriate choice and then on the word Share.

Exit a lesson

To exit the lesson, click on the icon of the red phone handset. If the teacher leaves the lesson before you, they will end the meeting for everyone.

Let us know if you want to practice, or if you need some additional help. We are happy to work on this in an individual appointment.

If you have specific questions, or if our terminology isn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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