How to Find a Job Online

There are many websites for finding a job online. The one you choose may depend on the type of job you are looking for. 

In most cases, these websites will require users to make accounts in order to use them.

Keeping track of these accounts, and the email used to create them is very important. After applying for jobs, log into the account to see if you have had any responses.

Popular Job Search Websites

When looking up job search websites it can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but choosing one isn’t that hard.

Some of the main websites are:

Creating a Resume Online

Before using these websites, it is recommended that users create a resume.

Resumes can be created using any word processing program.

Three of the main word processors are:

Within each of these programs, users can access resume templates to help them get started.

Using a template, simply highlight each corresponding section and replace the general text with the correct information.

When highlighted correctly, the text will maintain the formatting from the template. This saves a lot of time and makes it a fairly easy process.

Changing the format/layout/color a bit is a good idea. Employers can recognize the main templates.

resume template on Google Docs

Searching for Jobs

When using job search sites, the first thing to do is upload your resume.
In this example on Indeed, the user will upload to their profile by clicking on the head in the top right.

It is not required, but strongly suggested to complete this step first.

Once completed, the user can now freely search through job listings.

On the homepage of Indeed, a user can type in search criteria just as job titles to narrow down the listings.

This will also help shape future recommendations Indeed will present.

After the user hits enter or clicks the blue “find jobs” button, they will then be able to filter the search results further.

The filters allow users to narrow down choices by distance, salary ranges, and other options.

On Indeed the results appear on the left side of the page, and the full job description shows on the right side.

The layout varies by website, but the idea is very similar.

Application Process

An important thing to note on a website like Indeed is that for some jobs the user can apply directly on the job search site, but for others they need to apply on the company’s website.

If a user needs to apply on the company’s site, the process is typically longer, and may require an additional account to be created in that site.

The user may also need to upload their resume again on the company website.

If the application stays on the website, it is typically quicker. Sometimes one or more skills test will be required, and those can take up to 30 minutes.

Company application vs Indeed application.

Once the user is in the application process, they will need to provide a lot of personal information.

It is important to have whatever forms of documentation that might be required to properly fill in each field.

Waiting and Responses

Job seekers may need to apply to many jobs to find one job they want. In some cases, it takes a lot of effort and dedication.

It is important when using a job searching website to keep an eye on your email and messages on the website. This is how companies will reply to your application.

Sometimes users will sign up for emails to receive similar job listings from the website. It is important that a user can differentiate between those suggestions and actual responses from companies they have applied to.

Giving a phone number for phone interviews is also a common requirement when applying for a job. Use a phone number that you have ready access to, and make sure you type it correctly.

Brushing up on tech skills, and skills related to the jobs you want is a great idea during this period. Even if the job isn’t directly tech related, computer skills are often used for communication.

If you have any questions about finding a job online or our terminology wasn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thanks!

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