Resources for Learning How to Type

Becoming a better typist may seem an arduous task, but there are many excellent resources for learning how to type.

Here are a few resources, and some tips and tricks, that we use to teach people typing at SDM.

Where to Practice is an excellent, free website that people of all ages and skill levels can access.

First users must create a student account. Make a username and password. Entering your email is optional.

Student Signup

Next will be a screen that shows different lessons and skill levels.

Typing home screen

Here users can access 3 levels of lessons. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Press start to begin the lessons. These lessons consists of 14 different types of exercises designed to train users’ muscle memory.

For a more advanced list of resources, click on this article for 12 more excellent websites to learn on.

Tips and Tricks

Most keyboard users will notice there are bumps on the F and J key. These bumps exist to designate the home position. This is where the users’ hands should rest and return to.

Home Position

Beginners should try to get used to using their thumbs to hit the space bar. Either thumb can be used, and they will naturally alternate when a good flow is achieved.

Typing is about repetition. The more a user types, the more it becomes second nature due to muscle memory.

Prioritize accuracy over speed. Speed will come gradually.

Finding a comfortable keyboard can also make a big difference in how well users type.

Check out our blog post on popular types of keyboards to learn more about different varieties. There are many options when purchasing a new keyboard.

If you have any questions about learning how to type on an iPhone or our terminology wasn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thanks!

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