How to correct Apple ID Contact Info

Some Apple users no longer have access to the email they originally signed up with and they need to learn how to correct Apple ID contact info.

Having no access to this email causes problems when it is still set as the contact email. The biggest issue is for receiving password reset codes.

If the Apple ID itself needs to be changed, that is a different process and is not what will be covered in this post. If you need to do that, check out Apple’s Support Page.

In order to correct the contact information, users need to navigate to their Apple ID settings. For this example an iPhone will be used. Click on the Settings app, and then the users Name at the very top of the settings.

Next, choose Name, Phone Numbers, Email.

There will be an option to edit the “reachable at” section. When selected, users will get the option to add additional forms of contact.

At this stage, press “Add Email or Phone Number” and decide which form of contact is going to be used.

Users can now receive correspondence at that desired form of contact, including password reset codes.

Additionally, If you have specific questions about how to correct Apple ID contact info, or if our terminology isn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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