How To Use The SDM Self-Study Page

Learning how to use the SDM self study page is a great way to find solutions to common tech issues, and locate curated sources for tech information.

Navigation and Use

The first step is to go to our website. Hit the Self-Study button on the top menu of the page.

Once you have navigated to the page, you will see all of our Pinterest boards with the most recent pins on each.

Across the top are major topic headings. Use these to narrow down the boards displayed.

The pins displayed are both SDM blog posts, as well as other articles that SDM staff have identified as useful.

You can click on a specific pinned article and Pinterest will display the pin for that article. From here you can go to the specific article. From this specific pin, clicking on the back arrow on the top left of the Pinterest page brings you back to the Pinterest home screen, not to the Self-Study page.

If users want to access all of SDM’s Pinterest content, click the “SDM Foundation” name on the top of any board on the Self Study page. This button is highlighted with a blue box in the image below.

This will take you to all of the SDM Pinterest boards.

From here, going to specific articles and then using the back arrow, will traverse back and forth through the SDM Pinterest page.

Pins are links to web pages, like blogs, tutorials, websites, and all sorts of articles.

If you have a Pinterest account, you can save links to our pins by adding them to your own boards. Without a Pinterest account you can read all of the articles, but to save them you should bookmark them.

If you have specific questions about how to use the SDM self-study page, or if our terminology isn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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