How to Use Wireless Printing

Knowing how to use wireless printing devices is important for anyone using a computer. Users often need to troubleshoot to get it right!

In this post we will explain the setup process, as well as a few parameters that must be met in order for your printer to function properly.

Setup Process

When buying a printer, knowing the model is important. Users will need to see if they need to install drivers from the manufacturers website, or simply add the printer to the computer.

Hp driver directory.

Windows 10 often requires drivers, whereas Windows 11 users can often just add the printer. Mac users can usually just add the printer in system preferences.

Figuring out what your system needs can also be done using the printer’s utility packages. This usually includes an app, for example HP Smart. Each brand will have their own printing, scanning, faxing and connection software.

Driver download as well as HP smart download.

On each operating system, users can type printer into their system search functions and find their printer’s settings.

This page can be found in the settings or system preferences.

Windows 10 Printers and Scanners page.

The next, and equally important step, is to make sure the computer and printer are both connected to the same WiFi network.

This is vital, otherwise they have no way to communicate. It is the step that people are most likely to get wrong.

Users need to enter the setup screen on the printer itself, and click on the wireless set up it offers.

The next step is to either use the WPS setup, where users can press the WPS button on their router, or normal WLAN setup, where the user finds the network in a list, then types the password to that network manually.

Once these steps are completed properly, make sure the ink is in correctly, and the printer is calibrated.

Check in the printer settings to see if it says the printer is online, then try to print a test page.

Printer Compatibility

When printing from devices like iPads, Tablets, and Phones, it’s important that the wireless printer is capable of connecting to these devices.

Most newer models of printers are compatible with these types of devices, but older ones may not be. Check if the printer is AirPrint compatible to assure it works with Apple phones and tablets. Click on the link above to see a full list of compatible models. Most newer printer models can connect to Android phones and tablets as well.

On Chromebooks users must go into the settings and make sure the computer can see the printer in the list. If it can, it will likely print.

If you have specific questions about the how to use wireless printing, or if our terminology isn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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