How to Set your iPhone Wallpaper from the Lock Screen

In this post, we will teach you how to set your iPhone wallpaper from the lock screen.

This feature came with one of the more recent iOS versions, and is a fast and convenient way to add and change the wallpaper.

Initial Steps

Zoomed out wallpaper selection
Wallpaper media selection

You will need to have face ID set up in order to use this feature.

The iPhone has two main screens. The lock screen is what we see when the phone is locked and displaying the time to us, and the home screen is what we see after we have unlocked the phone, swiped up, and can see all of our apps.

Before you swipe up to open the home screen, allow the phone to unlock using face ID. The small white lock at the top of the screen will unlock.

Now you are on your lock screen, with your phone unlocked. Rest your finger on the screen until the wallpaper zooms out.

Hit the blue + sign in the circle to create a new one, or use the customize button to edit an pre-existing one. Swipe side to side to view the ones you have saved to the phone. There is seemingly no limit on how many different wallpapers you can have stored to switch between.

Once the blue + sign is pressed, you will then choose either a photo from your own library, or any of Apple’s preset background types.

These preset types can also be interactive, like with the weather and all different types of cool wallpapers Apple has created.

To use your own photos choose the blue photos button.

Selecting Wallpaper and Lock screen customization

Camera roll photo selection

In these images we can see a camera roll filtered by the pet detection that Apple’s Photos app features.

You can also go through albums. Making a wallpaper album is suggested if you have a lot of images you might want to use.

Choose one to make it the wallpaper. You can pinch the photo and move it to zoom in if there is more to see.

Swiping left and right also applies a few preset color filters.

Users can also click on the clock to change the font type, and color. Swipe left on the color selection to get a custom color wheel for more personalized color choices.

Font and font color selection


Widget selection
After app is selected

You can add widgets to the display under the clock. Each type of widget has multiple selections to choose from with relevant information for that widget type.

The main Apple widgets for the lock screen are tied into these apps:

  • Battery
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Mail
  • Health
  • Shortcuts
  • Weather
  • Sleep

There are also widgets that can come from third party apps. Some examples of these are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Maps
  • Google Calendars
  • Gmail
  • Google Translate
  • ChatGPT
  • Snapchat
  • Lyft
  • Reddit
  • Zoom

Though not every app has a widget available there is certainly a good selection to choose from. When finished selecting widgets, hit add in the top right to get the option to either set the first selected image as a pair, or to customize the home screen, displayed on the right.

Home screen Wallpaper

If you have chosen the “Customize Home Screen” option you can now:

  • Remove the default blur Apple puts on the home screen photo.
  • Change the photo to a solid color, or color gradient
  • Zoom or crop the photo to see it better with all the apps on top of it
  • Change the photo entirely.
Blur before and after
Preset Color Filtering

If you are dissatisfied with the four color filters apple offers here, you should edit the photo within the photos app before adding as a wallpaper.

For more information on How to Set your iPhone wallpaper from the lock screen check out the Apple Support Page.

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