What is WiFi?

What is WiFi? Simply put it is wireless internet access. It allows you to connect to the internet without the need for a wired connection.

A router provides a wireless connection to an internet access point.  This access point typically comes into the house from a cable. The cable can be in the form of a DSL or fiber optic connection.  

DSL stands for digital subscriber line and this is just a method of transmitting data between computers through phone lines.  People don’t use phone lines much now. Today’s fiber optic cables can transmit more data faster resulting in faster internet speeds.

How to sign into a WiFi network

Each WiFi network has a name and password.  Look on the router for the default information. If the WiFi and passwords have been changed, these defaults will not work.  

To sign into a WiFi network you must open the list of networks on a device and find your network name.  Click on the network name. Enter the password.  The device will sign in and have internet connectivity.  

WiFi Speed

The internet package you pay for determines your speed.  

Internet is sold in different bundles. These bundles are categorized by different speeds. The more you pay, the faster your internet speed.  

The second factor in WiFi speed is the proximity of the device to the router.  The signal strength is closest when you are right next to the router, while it diminishes as you get further away.

To get a general idea of your internet speed you can navigate to http://www.speedtest.net/ to test your current connection.  

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