How to Help Windows 10 Boot Faster

Some programs configure themselves to automatically start when you boot your computer, which can slow it down. In order to help Windows 10 boot faster, some of these should be turned off.

To disable auto startup of programs:

  • open Task Manager by holding down Control and Shift
  • pressing Escape
  • go to the Start-Up tab at the top.

From here you can view a list of some of your programs. This list shows whether the programs are enabled to start-up automatically when you boot your computer. It also shows the impact that it has on the systems resources.

If there is a program that you don’t use often or which takes up a lot of resources when booting, you can disable it.

  • clicking on the name
  • then clicking “Disable” in the bottom right.

Note that this will not disable the program itself, but it will just stop it from automatically booting when you start your computer, which should help Windows 10 boot faster. For more information from Microsoft about startup programs, click here.

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