How to Receive iPhone Calls on Any Apple Device

Have you noticed when you are working on your computer and your phone rings, how helpful it would be to be able to answer without running to get your phone? You can do that! And here is how to receive iPhone calls on any Apple device!

This will require that both your iPhone and the other Apple device you plan to receive the calls on both be signed in to the same Apple ID. It is likely that you have already this set up. If not, you can sign in to your Apple ID by going to “Settings”, “Accounts and Passwords”, and then “iCloud”.

On your iPhone,

  • go to Settings
  • Phone
  • Calls on Other Devices
  • Enable – Allow calls on other devices
  • Select the names of all the devices that you want to receive calls on

Any calls to your iPhone should now also ring on your selected devices. If you are still having trouble, check this guidance from Apple.

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