Reopening: Keeping Clients Safe

Massachusetts is reopening offices and stores after the COVID-19 shutdowns. SDM is now beginning the process of reopening the shop while making sure we can keep clients safe. Here is an explanation of what we are doing, and why.

The days of a full shop buzzing with activity are behind us. The new normal brings with it social distancing, hand-washing, and a renewed sense of what constitutes safety. The SDM Shop at 465 Main Street in Melrose will likely be opening to clients in the next few weeks and we want to make sure we all know what to expect.

This post focuses on keeping clients safe. For more information about measures to ensure staff safety, see our blog post – Reopening: Keeping Staff Safe.

Following the Guidelines

SDM will follow all state and federal guidelines for safety, as outlined here.

Keeping a distance between people, wearing masks, washing hands and surfaces, and not touching faces are the main methods of ensuring safety. The procedures we will follow at the SDM Shop that will allow us to be safe, fall into general categories:

Cleaning the Shop

  • The SDM shop will be cleaned regularly, with all high touch surfaces such as counters, tables, and door handles cleaned before and after every client appointment, during, and at the end of the day.
  • SDM equipment will all be cleaned before and after each client appointment.
  • Client equipment will be cleaned before and after each appointment.

The shop has been reconfigured to provide fewer work stations that are further apart. There is no seating area in the front of the shop.

Keeping Distance

In order to maintain a safe distance and reduced occupancy, the following rules will be in place.

  • The maximum number of staff in the shop will be limited.
  • The maximum number of clients in the shop will be very limited, starting with one client at a time.
  • No drop-ins will be allowed.
  • Where possible, appointments will be accomplished via email, phone, and video. In-shop appointments will be allowed for issues that are particularly difficult to handle using distance methods, or for clients who have trouble accessing those methods.
  • Clients will NOT be able to request a specific staff member. Our schedule will be in flux and we will not be able to determine when each staff member will be available. If a client requires a particular staff member, then that appointment must be by phone or video.
  • Clients will be limited to the area between the front door, and the table at which they receive help.
  • We will strongly discourage the use of the bathroom by clients.
  • There will be no extra seating. Clients will arrive and depart on time and alone.


  • Clients will be expected to use the sanitizer station at the front door of the shop upon arrival.
  • Staff will not handle client devices unless it is absolutely necessary and will clean the equipment and wash their hands before and after.
  • Special care will be taken to clean SDM devices that will be handled by clients both before and after use.
  • SDM staff cannot accept gifts including food and drinks.


  • Clients must wear masks at all times.
  • In the event the client has a medical limitation on wearing a mask, we will attempt to provide our service using remote methods. If that proves impossible and an in-shop appointment is made, then the staff will maintain a minimum of 8‘ distance from the client. There will be no exception to this rule.
  • Staff will wear masks when clients are in the shop.
  • If clients arrive without a mask, or with a mask of questionable cleanliness, they will be given a disposable mask.
  • The client’s temperature will be taken upon entry to the shop using a touchless thermometer.
  • Overall health anyone with a fever of 100+, a cough, sore throat, or other symptoms that indicate sickness, will be required to stay home.
  • Clients who have been in close proximity to anyone who has exhibited these symptoms are asked to refrain from coming to the SDM shop until at least 14 days after exposure.

We hope these guidelines show that we at SDM are taking our staff and our client’s health very seriously. If you have questions or concerns about how we are keeping clients safe, please contact us. Thank you.

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