How to Understand Apple’s Privacy Labels for Apps

Have you wondered about Apple’s Privacy Labels for Apps? Every app in the App Store must list the data it collects from the user. Apple has been increasing security and privacy controls for users for the last few years. This newest step is a big one toward showing people how their data is being used.

Where to Find Apple’s Privacy Labels for Apps

Apple’s Privacy Labels for Apps are available for every app in the App Store. For apps that are not in the app store, such as Google Chrome, there will not be a Privacy Label. These labels are new, and apps are required to provide them with any app update, so some companies are delaying updates to their apps at this time.

Go to the App Store and find the app in question. Scroll down past the Preview section until you find the section titled App Privacy. This the Pages app on a Macintosh computer.

How to Read Privacy Labels

The Privacy Label shows the data that an app collects while you use the app. There may be other items collected, but they don’t need to be listed if they are dependent on using specific features of the app.

If the user gives explicit permission for the data to be collected each time it is used, then it does not need to be listed here. There are a few more specific circumstances that allow for the data not to be listed here. Read about them here.

Microsoft Word App on a Macintosh computer

Messenger app on a Macintosh Computer

Facebook app on an iPhone

Additional Reading

If you would like to learn more about Apple’s Privacy Labels for Apps, read the following articles, or call us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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