How to Have Fun with Digital Art using Procreate!

Do you want to have some fun with digital art? We use the app Procreate on an iPad for our summer lessons. Let us show you how!

To whet your appetite, here is a video that was created in Procreate. M0rph3us13 used the Time Lapse Recording tool as described below to show the drawing process. Thank you for allowing us to show your video.

Start the fun by creating some digital art

Procreate has all of the drawing tools that people have come to expect in digital art applications. Novice artists and professionals will love it.

Here is the opening window. Click on the + to create a new image, to choosing a specific size for your picture. Choose a size based on where the end result will be displayed.

You can also open a photo from your computer and draw on it, or mark up over it and then hide the original picture.


Procreate provides a full set of brush types for you to use.

Choose the tip thickness and the opacity of the drawing.


A palette can be created using the color wheel. As a result, the artist can be sure to use the same group of colors everywhere.

The color picker on the left edge of the screen allows you to match a color that has already been used on the picture.


The use of layers allows the artist to work on different aspects of the picture separately. You don’t need to use layers, but they add a lot of power to the creation process. By drawing the background and foreground elements in different layers, you can edit each separately. This allows you to keep organized as your project grows.

Add some animation to your digital art

What really makes Procreate fun are the extra tools for adding animation to your digital art. Click on the wrench at the top left, then turn on Animation Assist in the Canvas section.

With Animation Assist on, you can see the tools to create a video frame by frame at the bottom of the screen.

The Space picture above is a series of layers, each independently edited. You can see the layers on the right of the image.

Because we don’t want the layers that make up the Spaceship to be viewed as separate video frames, they are grouped. The Spaceship is then set to be the background for the video. Additional frames will be layers, where each contains only the Stars, Nebulas, Light Flares and Rocket Boost in that frame. This creates a series of steps that look like the Spaceship is flying through Space even though it is static.

Think about it like a flip book. Each layer of the picture will be a frame in the video.

Use your picture and make something move.

Or, turn on Time Lapse Recording in the Video section before you start. With Time Lapse Recording on, you can review the entire drawing process, and you can share it.

Have some fun!

This post gives a little overview of the full set of features in Procreate. It is a rich set of tools. Explore and then share your work with us!

If you want some help learning more, feel free to call us for an individual appointment. We would love to draw with you! If you have specific questions, or if our terminology isn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

Procreate is a product of Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. At the time of writing, this Procreate Pocket app costs $4.99 in the Apple App Store for an iPhone, and the full version is available for $9.99 for iPad. SDM does not receive any remuneration if you choose to purchase this product.

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