How to Choose Antivirus Software

For some PC users, choosing antivirus software can be overwhelming due to the multitude of options.

Understanding the options allows users to decide what is best for them.

Device Management

Not all devices require an antivirus, but for some an added antivirus can be beneficial.

For Apple users, most reviews agree that iOS devices do not require an antivirus app, due to the security built into the system. This means iPhones and iPads have no need for extra antivirus.

MacOS also has good built in security, but can benefit from the added protection.

For Windows users, Windows 10 and 11 has antiviral software built in called Windows Defender. This is a sufficient but many users also want added protection.

Chromebook users do not need any form of antivirus program on their machines, but may benefit from a good browser guard.

For Android phone users an anti-virus can be beneficial, as they are more open source than iPhones and apps are less regulated.

Different Options

Though there are many reputable antivirus companies, some may be less of a nuisance than others. Some also are less private with user’s data.

It is impossible to list all reputable companies, but the following are our recommendations based on research and experience. Unless noted, each company listed here has software for most major operating systems.


Bitdefender boasts an impressive library of virus/malware definitions, stays up to date and is relatively easy to install and use. It is often regarded as one of best antiviruses available.

It offers things such as malware protection, browser security, anti phishing/spam tools, an added firewall, and ransomware protection. They also have a lot of privacy tools that some users may have interest in.

Though the scanning process may suck up a bit of the computers power when running, it is fast and efficient enough.

It is not free. The cost is $89.99 a year for the base version, and nearly double that for the premium version.

Bitdefender Mobile

Bitdefender also offers a mobile version of their antivirus called Bitdefender Mobile. They offer a wide array of security and privacy tools within the app.

The app currently costs $14.99 for the first year, and is $24.99 per year after that.


AVG is another free antivirus that is easy to download install and use. They also have paid options.

The paid version offers a VPN, Ram Boosting, and some solid online privacy options, as well their own secure browser.


Avira is one of the best free antiviruses available. They also offer a pro version for 26.99 a year.

Avira’s iOS version is more of a browser based mobile security than an antivirus.

They offer a free VPN, which is often a paid option on other programs. The downside to this is the data is limited to 500MB of data per month.

Avira boasts of excellent performance, good computer optimization, excellent virus/malware security, and solid online privacy tools.


Intego is a very reputable antivirus made for Macintosh computers only. Though Macs are less prone to infection than Windows computers, they can still be infected.

The program has an excellent virus detection rate and a good library of Mac virus definitions. It is easy to use and has a good firewall to block incoming threats.

The main downside of Intego is that it can take up a lot of processing power when scanning.

They offer plans with five different protection and optimization apps.

Hopefully this will give readers a better understanding of what is available to them.

If you have specific questions about choosing antivirus software, or if our terminology isn’t clear, please use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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