How to Safely Share Apple Passwords

Being able to safely share Apple Passwords is very useful. With online accounts becoming so important, access to these passwords for partners, co-workers, family or close friends can be vital for everyday life, or in the case of an emergency.

Initial Parameters

Firstly, users will need to make sure their Apple devices are using the latest operating system.

For iOS users on iPhones and iPads this is currently iOS 17. For Mac computer users, the device must be on MacOS Sonoma.

To check the OS being used, on iPhones and iPads click on Settings > General > Software update. If needed, update from there.

On Mac Computers click on the Apple icon on the top left of the screen and then on About this Mac. If not on the most current OS, click Preferences and then choose the software update tab to update.

Secondly, users need to make sure they are syncing their passwords to their iCloud account. To check this, in System Settings (Settings in iOS) click on the Apple ID name at the top, then on iCloud.

Lastly, users must make sure the person(s) who the passwords will be shared with are listed in their contacts including the email address they use for their Apple ID. If they are not, open the Contacts app and create a new one by clicking the + on the top right.

How it works

Once these steps are confirmed or completed, users will have two options to initiate sharing. The first is to navigate to the passwords tab in Settings and press on the + in the top right. Since this is relatively new there should also be a Share Passwords and Passkeys prompt. Click on “get started.”

From here, users will be prompted to create a group for sharing. This is done by giving the group a name, and adding one or more people from their contacts.

When creating the group, if the person’s device is incompatible, a notification will pop up.

Another notification will let users know if any devices tied to their own Apple ID need to be updated.

Once that is complete whoever has been added to the group will receive a text/iMessage to accept the invitation.

Next, you have the option to select which passwords among those you have saved, that you want to share with each group.

This way you can designate different passwords to be shared with different people in a very flexible way.

For a slightly more in-depth explanation of this process check out this PCmag Article.

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