How To Show Zoom Windows When Screen Sharing

Zoom screen sharing does not include the Zoom tool bars. But when showing people how to use Zoom itself, that is a necessary part of the sharing. Many Zoom users are unsure of how to show Zoom windows when screen sharing.

What is the problem?

When screen sharing, Zoom hides all windows of the Zoom program from whoever is viewing a user’s screen. This is usually what the person sharing wants, because they are trying to show other windows. But occasionally, the purpose includes showing Zoom itself, such as when someone is learning to use Zoom.

Zoom has a user setting that allows for sharing these windows when necessary.

This setting can’t be turned on in the downloaded Zoom app, it is only available in the Zoom account settings viewed in a web browser.

Steps to activate.

Users will first need to enter the Zoom desktop client and click on either their initial or image in the top right of the client, then click on settings.

Once in the settings users will need to press the blue “View more settings” button at the bottom of the settings window.

Once clicked users will need to sign into their Zoom account. It will redirect them to full settings for Zoom, which are only accessible on the website.

Users will then need to scroll down to “Show Zoom windows during screen share” in the “In Meeting (Basic) section.

Users can then click on the slider. When it turns blue it means it is activated.

If in a meeting already, users will need to restart the Zoom app and the meeting for the change to take effect.

Once the setting is active, when sharing the screen and showing the entire desktop, all viewers will see the Zoom meeting windows as well as the client’s other open windows. 

This can be very helpful when trying to remotely troubleshoot problems on the Zoom application itself, or when learning how to use Zoom.

For all information about how to use Zoom’s screen share features, check out the Zoom support page.

If you have questions about how to show Zoom windows when screen sharing, or our services, just call or email. We’re happy to assist you! Feel free to use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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