How to Memorialize a Facebook Page

When a loved one passes away, Facebook allows their account to either be closed or set to Memorialized. Knowing how to memorialize a Facebook page allows family members to either create a page of remembrance or a remove it entirely.

This post explains how to access the requests, what they mean, and the information that will be needed.

How to access the requests and what they mean

In order to access the memorialization or deletion requests, users need to go to the Request to Memorialize or Remove an Account page here. It can be found on the Facebook support page.

Memorialization of a page allows it to continue to be displayed, and provides a place for people to continue to enter messages on the timeline.

The word Remembering will display next to the person’s name.

No one can log into the account.

Any related pages that don’t have another Admin will be removed.

If instead the request it to remove the page, Facebook will require documentation such as Death Certificate, Power of Attorney, Will, Obituary, etc to prove that the request is being made by an authorized person.

Users also have the option to request additional account information from the deceased person’s profile, and just ask general questions about memorialization or removal.

What will a memorialized page look like?

A memorialized Facebook page looks similar to a normal one. The main differences are that it has a “remembering” label above the name, and a tribute wall.

Legacy contacts will have control over any memorialization, not to be confused with complete control over the other user’s profile.

The photo above shows what the page will look like. All photos and personal information have been covered up for this example.

All of the users photos, tagged photos, comments, messages, and information will remain accessible depending on the user’s privacy settings.

Generally, most posts are set to friends only, but some users may have defaulted their posts to be public.

Managing your own memorialization settings

All Facebook users can set up their memorialization settings prior to their passing.

The steps include:

  • Select Settings and Privacy
  • Click Accounts Center, then Personal Details
  • Click Account Ownership and Control, then click Memorialization.
  • Users can then click Memorialize account or Delete After Death.
  • If the memorialization option is selected, users will then need to select a legacy contact who will manage the account.

Although it is sad, some people’s profiles hold good memories for friends and loved ones. Whether it is pictures, conversations, comments, messages or other interactions, they can be a big part in keeping the persons memory alive. Knowing how to set up a memorial page can be a big comfort.

If you have questions about Facebook memorialization settings, or our services, just call or email. We’re happy to assist you! Feel free to use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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