What is the Stargate Super Computer

In recent technology news, Microsoft and Open AI (creators of ChatGPT) announced a plan to build a $100 Billion+ Stargate Super Computer. It will be the brain for their future Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements.

First, what is a super computer? Most normal computers utilize one integrated chip called the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Slightly more powerful computers will generally have a CPU, as well as another processor dedicated to Graphics, known as a GPU. These have a power supply within the computer’s case, or in the case of laptops from a battery.

In the case of the super computer, it will utilize millions of specialized server chips and it may even be nuclear powered. This impressive creation will exceed any form of computer technology that we currently have. The level of computing they will be creating is astronomically higher than any general computer today.

Its uses will be to process and store data related to the AI program they are hosting. It is estimated that to create and run the data center may be 100 times more costly than some of the biggest data centers currently in operation. According to people working on this project, we expect it will be based in the US and it may be ready as soon as 2028.

Microsoft and OpenAI

Microsoft has already invested over $13 billion dollars in the Open AI technology.

Currently Open AI uses Microsoft data centers to power ChatGPT. In exchange, Microsoft resells OpenAI technology to their own customers.

Microsoft would likely provide funding for the Stargate super computer too, with similar arrangements.

OpenAI’s Chat GPT

When the project is complete, Microsoft and Open AI will have taken a large step in developing far more advanced AI capability.

Once built, the supercomputer may be used by other pioneers of technology. Hopefully it will not reach Skynet Terminator levels from the movies, but it’s still too early to know.

Check out this Forbes article for more in depth information.

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