How to use a Touchpad on Windows

Knowing how to use a touchpad on Windows can make many common actions easier to do. It’s like a mouse, but with more functionality.

The trackpad seems like a simple mouse pointer device, with a right and left click, but there are actually a lot of useful functions within the settings you can personalize.

Basic Functionality

For those who are not familiar with the touchpad, it is an integrated touch controlled device that exists on all modern laptops.

Some may have two separate buttons for left and right clicking. Others may just have one smooth surface that allows users to click on the bottom corners to left and right click. Some Lenovo ThinkPad models even have a left and right click on both the bottom and the top of the touchpad.

You should use your dominant index finger to move the cursor around on the pad. When selecting something, users can either tap on the touchpad, or click on the bottom left corner/button on the touchpad.

When looking for an alternate click or menu, that works like a right click on a mouse, you can either two finger tap on the touchpad, or click on the bottom right corner/button.

You can also put two fingers on the touchpad, keep them there, and scroll up and down on any scroll area.

There are a few more important customizations to the basic functionality of the touchpad.

Advanced Functionality

The touchpad on Windows also has advanced features for swiping with three fingers, and even four finger gestures.

You are allowed to choose from a preset list of functions for each different gesture. These often have four different functions based on swipe direction.

For both three and four finger gestures you can:

  • Switch between apps/programs and show the desktop.
  • Switch between desktops themselves and show whatever is open on them.
  • Change the audio volume and swap multimedia tracks.

You also have an option to choose what three and four finger taps do.

The functions available for three and four finger taps are shown on the right

For a more in depth description of these functions, check out the Microsoft support page.

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