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How to Make A Shortcut to a Webpage in Chrome

Whether it’s your email, a favorite news portal, or a social media platform, having a shortcut directly on your desktop means you’re always just a double-click away from what you need. Let’s walk through the steps to set this up!

What you need

Before you start make sure you have a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop with Google Chrome installed. And of course, have a webpage in mind that you would like to create a Google Chrome shortcut to.

The Google Chrome app

Start by opening Google Chrome.

Below we have the icon for Google Chrome as it appears on a Windows Desktop Start Menu. The icon will remain consistent across devices.

Screenshot showing the Google Chrome app icon in the start menu, with options to open a new window or a new incognito window displayed beneath the app name. This image is used in a guide on how to create a Chrome shortcut, demonstrating steps to enhance browsing efficiency

If you haven’t installed Chrome yet, download it from a reputable source. On a Windows Desktop or Laptop you can download it from the Google Chrome Website, Go Here To Download Google Chrome. If it is an Android device then the Google Play store would be the best place to download the browser. While if you are on iPhone or MacOS then the Apple App Store is the correct choice.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Chrome Shortcut

Navigate to the Website

Visit the webpage you wish to create a shortcut for, like your email service provider (Comcast, AOL, Verizon, Yahoo) or preferred social media or networking site. This action is important as it impacts how your shortcut will be configured.

In our example below we will use the Wikipedia homepage to illustrate these steps.

Accessing the Chrome Menu

Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser to access the “More” menu, indicated in the image below with a red arrow. This gives us more options on how to interact with the page.

A screenshot of the Wikipedia homepage used in a guide to demonstrate how to create a web shortcut. The image shows Wikipedia's main page with a featured article on Doom, a first-person shooter video game. The browser's tabs and toolbars are visible, showing how one can navigate to create a shortcut for websites like Wikipedia directly from Google Chrome.

Create the Shortcut

Scroll down in the ‘More Options’ menu to the point where ‘Save, Share and Cast’ are located. This is shown below, on the right hand side of the image. Hover over ‘Save, Share and Cast’; the secondary menu will pop out to the left. In the left hand menu select ‘Create Shortcut’ which is also underlined in red for our example.

A screenshot highlighting the steps to create a Chrome shortcut, featuring the Wikipedia homepage. The image shows the Google Chrome browser's dropdown menu with 'Create shortcut...' option selected, underlined in red to emphasize the process. The background displays the Wikipedia article on the video game 'Doom' to illustrate a practical example of using shortcuts for quick access to frequently visited web pages.

This will bring you to the next step; which is assigning a location for Google Chrome to make the webpage shortcut.

Once you click ‘create shortcut’ a window will pop up, as shown in the below image.

An image displaying the 'Create shortcut?' dialog box in Google Chrome with the Wikipedia homepage in the background. The dialog box shows an input field prefilled with 'Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia' and the option 'Open as window' checked, illustrating the final step to create a shortcut. The 'Create' and 'Cancel' buttons are visible, highlighting user options to complete or abort the process.

Next, you can choose to place the shortcut on your PC’s taskbar or start menu. On a Mac, you can add it to the dock or desktop. For iOS and Android devices, the Google Chrome shortcut will appear on the home screen as a button or widget.

Additionally, Chrome offers the option to “Open as window” when creating the shortcut. This will open the webpage in a separate, standalone window without the usual browser interface, giving it a more app-like feel, which can be particularly useful for web apps or frequently visited sites.

Benefits of creating web shortcuts in Chrome

  • Enhanced Productivity: Shortcuts reduce the number of steps to access key information or tools, helping you maintain focus.
  • Ease of Access: Shortcuts simplify technology, boosting confidence for less tech-savvy users.
  • Customized Browsing: Personalize your device by prioritizing frequently used websites.
  • Reduced Clutter and Better Organization: Keep your device tidy and organized by minimizing browser clutter through the use of shortcuts.
  • Easy Access Across Devices: Sync your shortcuts on all devices for quick and convenient access to your favorite sites wherever you are.


Using shortcuts in your daily online routine is simple and can improve your tech interactions, making them more efficient. By accessing favorite sites easily, you save time and stay productive.

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