An Introduction to AI Detection Tools

As AI continues to grow, AI detection tools are becoming more necessary for educators and professionals.

We will talk about what these detection tools do, how they work, as well as how to find them.

What is an AI Detection tool?

AI Detection tools are software designed to scan documents to detect whether or not the content is authentic and original.

This can be important for educators, employers, writers, and any person who wants to check whether or not a document they have received was AI written.

Though these tools are helpful and often will paint a very clear picture. It’s important to understand that no tool can tell with 100% certainty that a particular document is written by AI. There can be false positives from time to time.

How Does it Work?

These detectors are written in the same code language of the respective AI they are trying to detect.

In simple terms, the company creates an AI program. That program then analyzes the text to determine if it is something that it could have written.

If the AI concludes it might have written it, then it is likely that it is an AI generated piece.

AI programs generally try to write easy to read texts with good flow. This is something users reading them can generally understand easily.

Humans on the other hand generally write with more complexity, which means more creative word choices, and more chances for typos and wording errors.

Tools Available Online

Undetectable.AI is one of the more popular and well rated websites where users can go to input text the popular AI systems. Third party testers give it an 85%-95% accuracy rate.

Users simply paste text into the main box and then click the “check for AI” button. The website also has a humanize button, which can take AI text and make it seem more likely to be written by a person. This adjusted text can then get by some other detectors. Some features on these websites, such the humanize option, may require payment.

The image above shows a 200-word text about AI written by ChatGPT. When pasted into Undetectable AI it can be seen that it was detected as AI generated.

Other notable tools are Winston.AI, Originality.AI, and GPT Zero. For a fuller understanding and in-depth comparison of many of the popular tools, check out this Forbes article.

If you have questions about Ai detection tools or our services, just call or email. We’re happy to assist you! Feel free to use our contact form to send us a message. Thank you!

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