How to scan using the Apple Notes App

Did you know how to scan using the Apple Notes app? Read on to learn now to easily create a pdf of a document using your iPhone or iPad.

Follow these instructions to get started. This is an update of our 2017 article about scanning documents using the Notes app. Click here to view the old version of this article.

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Notes app.

Locate the Notes app on your device. The Notes icon is yellow and white, and looks like a note pad. If you don’t see the icon on your home screen, you can search for “Notes” in the apps on your devices.

Open a new note.

Click on the new note icon as pictured to create a new note.

Click on the Camera icon

Tap on the Camera icon to open a menu of options.

Select “Scan Documents”

Position the document in view and take a picture

Hold your device’s camera over the document. If in Auto mode, the document will highlight in yellow automatically. Press the white circle to capture a scan of that page. You can continue to scan more pages of the document. Each time you press the white button, the next captured image is added as another page of the document. Press the “Save” button when you have finished scanning all pages.

Scanned documents will appear in your note

Options for Sharing or adding a Signature

Once you have this document, you can tap on Share, and a number of options open up. You can save this PDF document to the file system on your device, you can print it if your device is compatible with a printer, you can share via email or other app, or you can even hand-draw a signature by using the Markup functionality.

For more information, read this advice from Apple – How to scan documents on your iPhone.

There are many ways to scan documents with an iPhone or iPad. The Notes app comes included with every iPhone and iPad, so this method is accessible with no additional apps or cost. For another example, click here for our article on document scanning with the Genius Scan app.

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